Men’s Hair Styling

Gentlemen: Pay Attention!

You want to look sharp. It makes a better first impression don’t you think? When you get a quick hair cut at the local $8 franchise shop you just never know what you will get. You walk out thinking, I’m glad that is over and move on with your day.

The Warwick Barber Shop Difference

At Warwick Barber Shop in Grand Blanc we put a little spring in your step! First, we do understand that you are busy, so we respect your time and set an appointment and keep it.

Then we consult with you to learn about your hair if you are new to us. Everyone’s hair has certain quailities that make it lay a certain way – or not! With a plan in hand we go to work. Once the hair is styled to all of our satisfaction we pull out a straight razor and – don’t worry – shave your neck. Now you have a nice clean look. Ask nice and a little neck massage is possible:) Now you are set to face the world and make a great impression!

We also offer great products for your hair that won’t goop and glob and make a general mess of you. We can show you just how to get that great fresh cut look every morning!

Ask us about what product would work best for your hair. We stock a few varieties and are fully trained on what works best with each hair type.


Mon – Friday 9am to 7pm

Sat 9am to 5pm

Sunday 10.30am to 4.30pm

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